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Lakeside Academy of Kansas is an YRC-II residential youth center that provides programming for boys ages 13 and older and works closely with the Kansas Juvenile Justice Authority and Social Rehabilitative Services. With a licensed capacity of 45 residents, Lakeside Academy of Kansas is licensed through the Kansas Department of Health Environment and serves the at-risk and/or adjudicated youth of Kansas. Residents can participate if needed in a certified, outpatient substance abuse treatment program, including substance abuse assessment and individual and group counseling along with outpatient individual, group and family counseling, sex offender treatment and psychiatric services. The Lakeside Academy of Kansas environment focuses on behavioral change through the establishment of a positive peer culture and the intervention of negative behavior. By utilizing Thinking for a Change, Lakeside Academy of Kansas’ goal is to reduce recidivism among the adjudicated youth served and effect change in thinking so that behavior is positively impacted.

Programs Offered

  • Residential treatment for chronic delinquent and at-risk boys

Student Profile

  • Males, ages 13 and older
  • Full-scale IQ above 60 (case by case consideration for lower IQ's)
  • Meets Kansas YRCII criteria
  • Is impulsive/irresponsible
  • Denies and/or justifies negative behavior
  • Has problems with anger and aggression
  • Demonstrates a low degree of empathy
  • Lacks self-discipline
  • Exhibits poor coping skills
  • Is non-compliant with authority

Whom Do We Serve?

The typical student admitted to Lakeside Academy of Kansas is a juvenile offender or at-risk youth that struggles with anger management, impulse control, decision making, problem solving and thinking skills. Students typically show a low degree of empathy for others, have poor reasoning ability, are impulsive, have problems with anger control and aggression, are irresponsible, deny and/or justify negative behaviors, pride themselves on antisocial values and behaviors, lack self-discipline, and are counteractive and non-compliant with authority. Lakeside Academy of Kansas specializes with youth who are in need of a structured residential environment and who are experiencing behavioral, social/emotional and/or academic problems. Lakeside Academy of Kansas is a behavioral modification and re-socialization program.

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